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  • Pure sine wave
  • Power factor 1.0
  • PV input 500Vdc
  • Built-in MPPT 100A
  • Compatible to work without battery
  • Detachable dust cover for harsh environment
  • WiFi remote monitoring optional
  • Compatible work with lifepo4 battery
  • Support multiple output priority: UTL, SOL, SBU, SUB
  • Parallel operation up to 12 units in 1phase or 3phases
  • EQ function to optimize to optimize battery performance and extend lifecycle
Unlock Maximum Power Efficiency with Parallel Configuration – SMKSolar 5.5KVA 48V (M SERIES) Hybrid Inverter

In a world where energy is both a necessity and a luxury, harnessing power efficiently is paramount. The SMKSolar 5.5KVA 48V (M SERIES) Hybrid Inverter with Inbuilt 100A MPPT Solar Charge Controller now offers a unique solution. Beyond its impressive standalone capabilities, this inverter introduces a parallel configuration that takes your power supply to a whole new level.

See how this innovation can redefine your energy experience.
Parallel Power Boost:

One of the standout features of the SMKSolar 5.5KVA 48V (M SERIES) Hybrid Inverter is its parallel option, which allows you to stack multiple units together. You can stack from two units of the same inverter to a maximum of 12 units, depending on the individual abilities of the inverters. This means that if you connect two units of 5.5KVA inverters, they can seamlessly form a single 11KVA inverter.

Smart Energy Management:

Just like its counterpart, this inverter boasts intelligent energy management, optimizing battery performance and extending their lifespan. The EQ function lets you select which appliances take precedence during power outages, ensuring essential devices remain operational.

Built to Endure:

Designed to withstand Nigeria’s challenging conditions, the SMKSolar 5.5KVA 48V (M SERIES) Hybrid Inverter features rugged construction and a removable dust cover for added protection. Whether it’s placed in your home or business, rest assured it can handle the harshest environments.

Effortless Installation:

Installation remains hassle-free, with SMKSolar’s experts ready to assist you in setting up your parallel inverter configuration. They ensure a seamless process, guaranteeing that all units work in harmony to provide uninterrupted power.

Exceptional Features:

In addition to the parallel option, this inverter offers other remarkable features: • Pure Sine Wave Output: Compatible with all sensitive electronic devices, ensuring they operate optimally. • WiFi Remote Monitoring: Keep an eye on your inverter’s performance from anywhere in the world. • LiFePO4 Battery Compatibility: Harness the latest battery technology for efficient energy storage. • Multiple Output Priority: Customize which appliances get priority during power outages.

Ideal for All Situations:

The SMKSolar 5.5KVA 48V (M SERIES) Hybrid Inverter with Parallel Option is the ultimate solution for any home or business. Whether you face unreliable power supply or simply want to maximize your energy savings, the parallel configuration empowers you to achieve both goals simultaneously.


Experience the future of power with the SMKSolar 5.5KVA 48V (M SERIES) Hybrid Inverter with Inbuilt 100A MPPT Solar Charge Controller (Parallel Option). Amplify your power capacity, reduce electricity bills, and enjoy uninterrupted energy like never before. Elevate your power supply to new heights with parallel connectivity. Order your SMKSolar 5.5KVA 48V (M SERIES) Hybrid Inverter with Parallel Option today and unlock a world of limitless energy possibilities!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A parallel invertern is an individual inverter that have the ability to function as a single unit of inverter of higher capacity when connected together. What this means is that, if two units of 5.5KVA inverters are connected together, they can form a single unit 11KVA inverter.

A Parallel Hybrid Inverter is designed to work with multiple inverters connected in parallel, allowing for scalability and redundancy. This means it's ideal for systems that may need to grow or require backup capabilities. In contrast, a Regular Hybrid Inverter integrates both the solar and battery inverters into a single unit, simplifying installation and maintenance. While Parallel Inverters offer flexibility and redundancy, Regular Inverters are straightforward, efficient solutions for systems with stable solar panel capacities. The choice between them depends on your system's size and future expansion needs.

A parallel hybrid inverter can carry a wide range of gadgets depending on its KVA specification after stacking. The higher the stacking KVA specification, the more the amount of load that the inverter can carry.

Parallel Hybrid Inverters might be the right solution for your home and office. While for other people, the right choice might be a regular inverter.  To know which is best for you, kindly consult SMK Solar through our contact information.