Size: 2094*1038*35mm | Warranty : 25 Years | Power Range : 425w-455w





  • Bifacial solar panel, which can generate electricity from both the front and back of the panel.
  • Rated power of 435W, with a power range of 425W-455W.
  • 144 half-cut cells arranged in 624, with a dimension of 20941038*35mm.
  • Perc monocrystalline solar cell technology, which has a higher efficiency than traditional solar cells.
  • Anti-reflective coating on the front glass, which improves the absorption of sunlight.
  • 25-year linear power output warranty.


The 435W Double Glass Module Mono Solar Power Panel is a high-efficiency solar panel that uses mono-crystalline silicon cells. It is made with half-cut cells, which improve efficiency and reduce hot spot formation. The panel is also double-glassed, which provides protection from the elements and enhances durability. Crafted with precision, this solar panel is designed to harness the power of the African sun with exceptional reliability.

The 435W Double Glass Mono Solar Power Panel has a power output of 435W and an efficiency of 20.76%. It is backed by a 25-year warranty.

Key Features:

  • High Efficiency: With an impressive 20.76% efficiency rating, this panel maximizes energy conversion. It’s powered by mono-crystalline silicon cells, ensuring that every ray of Nigerian sunshine is transformed into electricity for your home or business.
  • Combat Hot Spots: Equipped with half-cut cells, this panel minimizes the risk of hot spot formation, a common issue in hot climates. This technology enhances efficiency and ensures stable performance even in Nigeria’s scorching heat.
  • Built to Endure: Our panel isn’t just efficient; it’s also tough. The double-glass design provides robust protection against Nigeria’s diverse weather conditions, from intense sunlight to heavy rains. You can trust in its durability, ensuring a long-lasting investment.
  • Performance and Peace of Mind:
  • 435W Power Output: The 435W Double Glass Module Mono Solar Power Panel delivers substantial energy, making it an excellent choice for both homes and businesses. It’s ideal for meeting the energy demands of Nigerian households and commercial enterprises.
  • 25-Year Warranty: We believe in the longevity of our product. That’s why we back it with a solid 25-year warranty, guaranteeing dependable performance for years to come.


  • Harness the Sun’s Power: Unlock the potential of solar energy, capturing more electricity from Nigeria’s abundant sunlight. This means substantial energy savings and a reduced reliance on traditional power sources.
  • Savings That Matter: Lower your electricity bills and make a prudent financial investment. With the 435W panel, you can potentially earn money through excess energy fed back into the grid.


Our solar panel caters to a wide range of applications across Nigeria:

  • Residential: Power your home with clean, reliable energy, reducing your dependence on the grid and enjoying uninterrupted electricity.
  • Commercial: Enhance your business’s sustainability and cost-efficiency with a commercial solar installation. Say goodbye to soaring energy costs.
  • Industrial: Ensure a stable power supply for your industrial processes, while also reducing operational overheads.
  • Off-Grid: Go off-grid confidently, knowing you have a dependable source of electricity in remote Nigerian locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solar cells work by the photovoltaic effect. This is the process of converting light energy into electrical energy. When sunlight hits a solar cell, it knocks electrons loose from their atoms. These electrons flow through the cell, creating an electric current.

The amount of energy that solar panels can generate depends on a number of factors, including the size of the panels, the amount of sunlight they receive, and their efficiency.

The installation of solar panels can be done by a professional solar panel installer. However, if you are handy, you may be able to install them yourself.